Lizzie Adelsheim (cello)

Lizzie was fortunate enough to have access to a public school strings program in semi-rural Newberg, Oregon and started playing cello at the ripe, old age of 12. While playing with the Portland Youth Philharmonic was an excellent intro to professionalization, Lizzie kept music as the most important, not-career activity in her life. After studies took her to Chicago and Paris, Lizzie returned to Portland and reconnected with the rich musical world locally. She’s played folk/pop, eclectic children’s music, “death jazz”, noise and chamber music. She currently plays with the intergenerational, inter-skill level Bravo Community Orchestra in St. Johns. Although cello is her most “serious” instrument, Lizzie has spent much of her life singing and playing piano, with a brief foray into playing detuned bass guitar in a powerviolence band in her 30s.